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The driving force that enables an individual to lead a fulfilling and satisfying Life that aligns with their personal values, beliefs, and desires. 

Live with Purpose


As long as he can remember, Roe found himself naturally drawn to the field of creative and performing arts.

At the age of 7, he learned how to play the piano and performed in recitals. In high school, music became a major part of his life and led him on a path as a R&B/Pop singer. From high school through his college years, he performed in clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, Detroit, Michigan, and various radio stations. Everything seemed to be going in the direction he wanted.

Due to unfortunate events in his life and feeling the pressures of getting a 9 to 5 job, pursuing a profession as a doctor, lawyer, or engineer was deemed ideal. With a keen interest in electronics, he chose to attend Seneca College and successfully graduated in Electronics Engineering.

Upon graduating, he worked in his chosen field, only to realize that he was destined for a different path. Embracing his true purpose in the arts, he took the risk of leaving his full-time job to pursue his passion for acting. This journey led him to explore screenwriting, directing, and editing. Engaging in diverse film and TV projects.


Realizing that sharing his perceptions on life had helped many people he had come across on his path, he decided to write a book called "Only I Can Save Me" - a book about a way to perceive life, unlocking one's potential to achieve great things, and discovering that true strength and power come from within.


Awakening to so many things in his life, he continued to follow his passion - a passion that had been with him for a long time: Apparel

That's when  AWAKENING W A was born.



What AWAKENING W A stands for

Awakening: The Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Realization


An awakening is a profound and transformative process through which an individual gains insight into their own identity and purpose. It encompasses introspection, enabling one to uncover their authentic values, desires, and life's meaning.


What "W" Stands For:


Awakening "Within"

It's when you realize that your true strength comes from inside you, and you have the power to shape your own reality.


Awakening "Warriors"(Coming Soon)

Even with all the challenges and hardships of the world, as well as personal trials and tribulations, the fact that one remains resilient and standing signifies their warrior spirit.


Awakening "Wonders"(Youth Apparel Coming Soon)

During youth, there are so many amazing things to explore and discover in the world. It instills a sense of awe and curiosity about the surrounding world. Embracing these experiences, learning, and personal growth contribute to self-awareness and the journey of self-discovery.


It literally means Awakening "Whatever"

Symbolizing a conscious choice to embark to improve yourself in any way possible. It's about being better and becoming the best version of yourself, no matter what area you want to work on. It signifies a commitment to personal growth and development.  The List goes on...

And the "A" stands for Apparel.

The clothes we wear are more than just fabric; they are a statement about who we are and what we stand for. The clothing we choose to put on each day can help us feel confident, self-assured, and ready to take on the world. By selecting apparel that speaks to our personality and values, we can create a powerful sense of alignment between our inner selves and our outer appearance. So, take the time to choose apparel that inspires you, reflects who you are, and live each day with Passion and Purpose.

TRANSCEND: Going beyond the range or limits of something.

You are more Powerful than you think you are.  It's time to Transcend and Create the life you were meant to live.

Our minds are very powerful once we wake up in the morning.  Like they were reset for the New Day.

Why not start the day feeling Empowered and taking on Whatever comes your way?

Here is a short video Roe created of Self-Empowerment to Power-Up Your Mind.

If you would like more inspiration and to understand the true potential you hold inside, here is a book that Roe wrote to share with anyone who is looking for any type of Inspiration. 

Roe Montez's Only I can Save Me Book Cover
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